Do I need a rug pad?

We always recommend the use of a rug pad with our products. Rug pads are a great way to protect your floors from scratching or color transfer. They also provide extra slip resistant protection and cushioning under foot. Rug pads also extend the life of your rug by preventing pile crush and traffic wear patterns. You can find information about rug pads here.

What size rug pad do I need?

Rug pads should be smaller than your area rug size by at least 2 inches on each side. This allows the rug to lay flat on the ground preventing a tripping hazard.

How do I know what size rug I need?

Read about rug sizes and options here.

Is my rug defective if it has a crease in it?

No. Creasing in rugs is common and will happen when the rug has been folded for shipment. Most creases will flatten out over several weeks.

What type of rug is best for high traffic areas in my home?

High traffic areas include hallways, and most frequently used living spaces. We have an array of rugs that work best in this environment. Our woven rugs perform exceptionally well under high traffic areas. Printed rugs also do well in these areas. After heavy use, however, you may notice wear patterns or staining. Professional cleaning and regular vacuuming will help keep your rugs in good condition.

I have a large dog; is there a good rug for use with pets?

Yes. Many of our rugs will perform well with pets. Printed rugs, and woven rugs both do well in homes with large pets. We don’t recommend looped products as the loops tend to get pulled by large pets.

What is SmartStrand?

See all our innovative fiber. Click here for to read about SmartStrand.

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